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ParaVice City with Vice & Matthews - Saturday Nights at 9PM

Spread Eagle Band  Heavy Pettin' Band

ParaVice City with Vice & Matthews

Chad Vice & Kevin Matthews - ParaVice City

Chad Vice and Kevin Matthews explore some wicked awesome 80s hard rock and metal tunes by big, small and obscure artists from their favorite decade, and spin tunes that aren't the same overplayed radio hits. They look for forgotten gems or songs that mean('t) a lot to them and also discuss the music and stories behind them!

Catch new episodes of ParaVice City exclusively on Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio and be sure to check out past episodes on demand thanks to the JayZoModcast Network. Find our show on the following platforms:

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Interview with Ray West and Rob De Luca of Spread Eagle conducted by Chad Vice on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast
Read the transcript of the show on our Blog